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This week the tricky old teacher was in town at a teens house where he was suppose to do some tutoring. Well the sweet teen lady wasn’t too much in the mood to study, but the crafty teacher knew how to calm her down. So he just went straight ahead for her tight pussy fucking her hard style until she came. This babe wanted to upgrade her school level so she thought she would find a way of getting higher grades without studying and she went right away to his office to do something about it!

This smoking hot teen went to her teacher’s office for some tutoring because she needed bigger grades. But she found an easier way to get them without getting stuck at school for the rest of the day. So every time she went there she started sucking his old cock and after she finished she continued with stuffing it deep in her juicy pussy. For an old guy he sure had a big cock, so she just couldn’t enough of it and all the time she ended up riding it like crazy.

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